Ne yapmak istersiniz ?

Teeth Whitening


Teeth Whitening

Teeth may lose their whiteness over the years due to food, drinks (tea, coffee) and smoking. To correct this situation bleaching is done. Dental bleaching, when compared to porcelain plating is easier, safe, economic and more protective as it does not involve rasping the surface of the teeth.

Every individual’s teeth color differs just like skin colors. Some people are lucky to be born with white teeth. Although sometimes people are born with genetically darker tooth color. Antibiotics used by our mothers whilst they are pregnant or used by ourselves as kids may also darken the color of our teeth. The fluoride level in the water we drink also can affect our teeth color as well.

Whitening the teeth which has darken due to various factors, is called teeth whitening. You can perform this procedure at home by putting in an apparatus with a special gel which is put inside or by visiting a dental clinic.

A nice smile goes through straight and white teeth. It is possible to have white teeth by using whitening materials instead of porcelain plates on darkened teeth. In bleaching, the patient’s tartar is removed first. Later on lips, gingiva and the insides of the cheeks are insulated with special materials. This way, these areas are protected from harm.

Teeth whitening procedures should be followed up in 6 month periods, with follow up procedures and the patient’s cooperation in the cleanliness the procedure affects continue on

Natural Look

Specilised Whiteness for your teeth


No pain in the procedure performed

Stain Protection

Strong against Stains

Long Lasting

With your cooperation in cleanliness, it will last for a long time.